Mindfulness Improves the Bottom Line

Mindfulness and meditation can transform people. From stress-reduction, to improved outlooks on life, mindfulness offers people a way to be with what is, and find stillness in chaos. Within organizations, mindfulness can transform the quality, efficiency, and enjoyment of work.


Here are some examples of programs we’ve designed. And we can work with you to address your specific needs and goals.

Mindfulness Lunch & Learn (1 hour)

This quick introduction to meditation gives participants a basic understanding of what meditation is, what its benefits are and how to incorporate meditation into their lives.

Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop (2 Hours)

In this 2-hour introduction to Meditation Workshop participants will learn about meditation, discuss setting up a meditation practice that works for busy individuals, and engage in two meditations with space for questions in between. This is a good one-time introduction to meditation and its benefits, and hopefully a jumping-off point for beginning a meditation practice.

One-Week Mindfulness Intensive (30 Minutes A Day, 5 Days)

In this intensive program, participants get to experience a daily meditation program, with time each day for instruction and questions. This program also includes email support for participants for one month after the program ends to handle any questions that arise during the beginning of a mediation practice.

8-Week Meditation Course (1 Hour, Once a Week)

This program builds a meditation practice over time, with homework in between and the chance for questions and additional instruction and practice each week. This program has space to explore a variety of meditation styles and ways to incorporate meditation into busy lives.

Monthly Meditation Or Mindfulness Classes (1 Hour, Once a Month)

This program offers ongoing support for new mindfulness and meditation practices. 45 minutes are dedicated to instruction, discussion and questions, and 15 minutes is a group meditation practice. This is a great way to maintain or reinvigorate a meditation practice, or allow different groups of employees chances each month to begin.