In Leadership Evolved programs, participants improve leadership abilities through an understanding of how the brain interacts in the world, and how mindfulness and self-awareness influence habits, patterns and choices. Curious about NeuroLeadership and why it matters? Read about it here.

Our mission is to move workplace environments from hierarchy to harmony. When you choose to make the leap, you are saying yes to productivity, positivity, engagement, and the extraordinary.

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The Instructors

Untitled-4Melissa Bennett

Melissa believes shifting from hierarchy to harmony is the key to organizational success. Her passion to create a work environment where people look forward to Monday mornings fuels her to the cutting-edge of neuroscience-based leadership. For Melissa, being a leader is not about job title or status, but rather how one shows up in the world. Her understanding of the brain informs all aspects of her programs and creates the most direct path to transformation. Melissa designs and facilitates innovative programs that integrate the latest in neuroscience research, emotional intelligence, resiliency, and mindfulness, with results extending far beyond the workplace. Melissa is a certified and accredited professional coach and holds bachelor degrees in psychology and sociology, an associate arts degree in photography and will be awarded her executive master’s degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership in 2014. Through her company Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting, Melissa works with organizations around the world in the areas of leadership, team development, employee engagement and resiliency.

Untitled-5Dia Draper

As a Yale University graduate and seasoned trial lawyer at a top global law firm, Dia experienced first-hand the pressures and high-stress of corporate America. Dia left the practice of law to pursue another dream, to shift work cultures and improve lives. Dia believes work is most fulfilling when employees are engaged, valued and trusted to work towards a common goal. As the owner and CEO of Workplace Evolved, Dia is an experienced certified executive coach and she runs powerful programs for employee wellbeing and engagement in large organizations. Her teaching is based deeply in body awareness, and incorporates neuroscience, authenticity, direct communication, values and visioning. She brings a dynamic blend of no-nonsense business sensibility and mindful compassion to her workshops, demonstrating that a balanced approach creates a workplace that is both positive and productive.