Lunch & Learn Programs

image (3)Companies with engaged employees outperform the competition by 202% and only 29% of employees are fully engaged. (Gallup)

WE specializes in customizing leadership programs or a series of all-employee Lunch & Learns specifically designed to meet your workplace goals. Alternatively, you can pick and choose from our popular set options below.

WE Signature Programs:

Stress Reduction 1: The Science of Stress

This program covers the scientific impact of stress on our bodies and brain. By understanding the physical course of stress, we are greater able to utilize our natural systems to relieve and manage our stress response. This program is both informative and interactive, with chances to try different tools and ask questions.

Stress has been called the health epidemic of the 21st century, and is costing American businesses up to $300 billion a year. (WHO)

image (2)Stress Reduction 2: Mind Management

This program introduces a modern and stress-reducing approach to mindfulness. Participants learn the basics of mindfulness, the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and how to incorporate mindfulness into daily activities or into a dedicated meditation practice. Everything is designed to be accessible and managed within a demanding schedule.

Continuing Learning Options:

8-week Mindfulness Evolved program: to build stress reducing mindfulness skills in a consistent and supportive environment. Studies show that 8 weeks has dramatic effects on health and stress levels. Please ask for more information on this program.

Weekly or monthly meditation classes. Designed on your schedule to give people a place to learn, practice and ask questions.

Communication Basics: Laying the Foundation for Productive Communication

This program explores the assumptions we make in our interactions with others, and how to make our interactions direct, productive, and supportive. Communication tools will be provided to assist with conflict and preventing conflict. We will practice how we can work together to bring more transparency and clarity to our interactions, support our intention to bring out the best in each other, and to get our needs met.

Get in the Groove 1: Healthy Habits

With a basic understanding of how our brains work, we are empowered to create the habits we want to run our life. The brain is an efficiency machine and it will take the path of least resistance (read: what we have always done before) when left to its own devices. In this program participants learn how to use this to create the default habits you want in your life. Little shifts of daily habits can make a big difference in our goals—at home and at work.

Get in the Groove 2: Perspectives & Choice

This program builds on the former program by identifying our habitual thoughts and reactions. From there, participants learn to work with these patterns by seeing all of the different perspectives available, and choosing how we want to interact with situations. This program is both playful and introspective and will leave participants with increased resources for challenging moments or situations.

Food for Thought: Mindful Eating

This program is not about a particular diet, but rather how to improve your relationship with food. Using mindfulness techniques and knowledge of what the brain needs, this program begins to rewire our brains for thought. From noticing when we’re full to why we’re reaching for a snack, this program reveals the foundation of our relationship with food. From there we offer information on brain-friendly foods and eating. Participants will design their own plan to make important shifts in their own life.

Continuing Learning Options:

Nutritional Challenge Plus Coaching: Participants set their own goals and work with coaches to make progress. Challenge participants also regularly meet socially and structurally to form community support. Option to add yoga classes to the challenge.

8-week Mindful Eating program: to build awareness, form new habits, and continue gaining knowledge about how to eat for our brains.