The Effects of Yoga are Indisputable.


Yoga is growing in popularity and for great reason– it’s an experience that is good for the body, mind and spirit. Oh, and it’s also good for your bottom-line. By bringing yoga to YOU, you can experience this whole work-out (and work-in) from the ease and comfort of wherever you are.

We know you’re busy, and so are your employees. We know that it takes time, coordination and commitment to make yoga a part of your life. We provide a service that helps it take less time, less coordination, so that the commitment becomes easy. We want yoga to become a no-brainer.


Workplace Evolved believes that yoga is a powerful resource and change-agent for both individuals and businesses. Yoga supports well-being and boosts productivity, leading to healthier and happier individuals, and ultimately, healthier and more profitable businesses.  At Workplace Evolved, we believe businesses are as healthy as their employees, and by supporting the health of employees, businesses also support their own viability.  It is our vision to expand the benefits of yoga throughout the business community and beyond. We will achieve that vision by making yoga convenient and accessible for all types of organizations.

On-Site Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of Yoga classes, and can work with your organization to find a good fit, or design a program specifically for you.

whycorpyoga_croppedWe work with your organization to design a program that works for your employees, your goals, and your budget.  This is an on-going dialogue about what is working, what is needed, and what needs to evolve to better serve you.  Our goal is to make these classes effective for you and your employees, and to save your organization money in the long run.

Contracts and payments are between Workplace Evolved and the organization.  It is up to each organization whether or not to charge each employee for the class or program.  Please see the rates section for more information on this.

Workplace Evolved promises to show up on time, provide all necessary equipment, including mats, and end on time.  This will allow you and your employees to plan your work day reliably.

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