"...control my reactions to stresses"

How easily I forget that my brain still thinks every stress is a life or death situation. That alone is a reason to control my reactions to stresses that, in the grand scheme of things, aren't worth taxing my body!

- Science of Stress I Lunch & Learn Participant

"A great way to reduce stress and bond with my coworkers."

Having yoga in the office shows that Vaco cares about me and wants me to thrive in all ways. It's a great way to reduce stress and bond with my coworkers.

- Weekly Yoga Class Participant

"...made a huge difference in my physical abilities"

This has made a huge difference in my physical abilities needed to sit at the computer all day.

- Weekly Yoga Class Participant

"All the teachers are wonderful!"

One of the best ways to reset my mental state, motivation, and become centered and focused. I look forward to challenging myself. All the teachers are wonderful!

- Weekly Yoga Class Participant

"A positive approach to handling stress..."

Having attended the “Science of Stress” Lunch & Learn, I understand myself as a human being a bit more now. I now realize that stress can be okay and tolerable, and having that knowledge in itself is calming alone! Thanks to Dia for showing me a positive approach to handling stress in my extremely busy everyday life!

- Emily Quackenbush Trademark Manager, Gates Corporation

"Engaging presentor..."

Dia is an engaging presentor and the material is not only relavant to our workplace but home life as well! I could listen to her for hours!

- Prudence Trojan, Manager of Packaging Engineering

"...wake up in a better mood"

The Wednesday's Yoga Class make my day! I already wake up in a better mood!

Clarissa - Tech Recruiter

"I look forward to Yoga Wednesday every time..."

Workplace Evolved is just a great event. I look forward to Yoga Wednesday every time. We all dress super casual and it takes the Hump out of Hump Day. And it literally happens in the middle of the week so it gives you the boost to finish out the week strong!


"I ABSOLUTELY will work with her again!"

Dia is incredible to work with! Her energy and connectedness to humanity make her workshops a lot of fun while simultaneously inspiring each individual to powerfully take on our lives. I ABSOLUTELY will work with her again!

Melissa Holmes

"It reduces my stress and helps me return to work focused, energized and positive..."

The Workplace Evolved yoga session is something that I look forward to every week. It reduces my stress and helps me return to work focused, energized and positive about all aspects of my life.

Alexis, Sr. Division Order Analyst

"This is the best deal ever!"

I highly recommend Workplace Evolved for any company interested in offering yoga for their employees. This has been a huge blessing in my life and the instructors are amazing and definitely studio quality. This is the best deal ever!

Kimmie, HUB International, Account Manager

"They make you think about how your brain work...

This is an interesting series of presentations. They make you think about how your brain work, and if nothing else pause for the breath we take for granted.

Rebecca Beekmann , OEM PT Customer Service

"We were very grateful to have her lead us..."

Dia's approach to the workshop and topic of diversity was unique, and helpful. She helped facilitate a room full of busy lawyers with ease and kept our attention and focus on the issues at hand. We were very grateful to have her lead us, and look forward to using her again in the future.

Diversity Day Program Attendee

Mindfulness Evolved

I've heard many times before that meditation helps to reduce stress but never really understood the why or how. With Dia's workshop I not only gained factual insight into the benefits of meditation but was also able to practice several different methods to find which one worked best for me.

Mindfulness Evolved Attendee

"I immediately was challenged to focus more in the exchanges with those around me."

As a mother of eight children, I have personally been challenged for many years to slow down and listen, in essence, in the same way I would like to be heard. This information was presented in an open forum that easily allowed interaction with my peers. The exercises were pertinent and I felt I left with more than just a reminder of the need to listen, but tools that would help me be a more effective listener. Two ears, one mouth. The act of listening is becoming a lost art and I greatly appreciated being stopped in order to hear and absorb a great presentation on the how's and the why's of listening. I immediately was challenged to focus more in the exchanges with those around me.

Communication Evolved Attendee

"It was perfect- just what our employees needed."

We asked Dia at the last minute to put together something for our employees at our company conference in January. Everyone in our company was in all-day meetings that were exhausting and they needed a pick-me-up to keep them going. Dia came in to each meeting session and offered a 10-minute yoga break and it was perfect- just what our employees needed. Her energy and cool enthusiasm woke everyone up, got their blood pumping and some good stretches in to help them keep going for the rest of the day. I got compliments on her yoga breaks from many people who participated and said it was a fantastic thing to do and they hope we do it again next year.

Ping Identity

"It has been a huge success!"

Oakwood Homes started the yoga program in January of 2013. It has been a huge success! We have around 15 people attending the class on a weekly basis. The yoga class is a great mix of strength conditioning, stretching, and relaxation. Dia has been FABULOUS as our instructor. Everyone loves her enthusiasm and knowledge of yoga. She is constantly changing up the routines to challenge us. I love the variety of services offered. I would highly recommend Dia to any corporate wellness program.

Oakwood Homes, LLC

"Exactly what we needed."

The stress management seminar was great! Dia used a lot of real life examples to make the presentation easy to follow. There was plenty of “comic relief” which made the time fly! The associates loved the tools that Dia provided to manage stress. All in all, it was exactly what we needed.

Oakwood Homes

"It’s like a mini vacation."

Yoga is the best way to spend my lunch hour. It’s like a mini vacation. I breath, relax, recharge and de-stress. Yoga reminds me what it is like to feel physically and mentally calm and relaxed. How is it possible I have forgotten how good I can feel? It teaches tools to achieve that state.

Lynn Shipp
Senior Property Manager, Prologis

"My stress levels disappear..."

I LOVE having yoga classes at work and sincerely wish it was offered EVERY DAY. My stress levels disappear for at LEAST an hour while we are in class and sometimes that calm continues for the rest of the day. I love the fact that during class I get to think about nothing but breathing (which is harder than it sounds).

The great thing about Dia is that she is serious about yoga without being a serious yogi. She makes yoga fun and accessible and makes it ok to be wherever you are on any given day. There is no “pressure” to get into a particular pose and we are allowed to laugh when we fall out of a pose. I have been in classes that are really intimidating and Dia is just NOT like that!

Brenda Conant
Administrative Assistant, Prologis

"...powerful and inspiring!"

Dia's energy is so powerful and inspiring! Her workshop on success was motivational and informative. I will definitely be attending her next class and will recomend her to my friends and clients.

Krystianne Vaughn
Realtor, Keller Williams DTC

"I enjoyed everything about Dia."

I enjoyed everything about Dia; her energy, how descriptive she is, how fun she is and just how genuine she truly is. It makes everything more interesting and just easy for anyone to listen to. I would love to have her have a Part 2 to the seminar I attended. It was so informative and eye opening but I need more.

Molly Meek
Marketing Director for GQ Barber Lounge

"...a wonderful team-building activity."

Each month I look forward to our yoga session; it is a wonderful reminder for me to take care of myself and my body. It has sparked my motivation for fitness. It is also a wonderful team-building activity, creating health awareness and team bonding in our culture.

Dustin Pitney
Project Manager for ECO Roof and Solar

"brings a new wave of energy to the whole company."

I am a big supporter of the team yoga practice. The synchronized breathing brings everyone together in a way that we've never had here. For a couple people, Nomad was their first yoga experience. It’s brought a new desire for health and personal betterment for all participants--and that brings a new wave of energy to the whole company.

Maggie Brown
Office Manager, Eco Roof & Solar

"I am managing my daily stress a lot better."

I love doing yoga at work for an hour every week. I wish that we could take a yoga break for an hour every day, because its difficult, but relaxing and it helps me relieve my stress. I have learned a lot of new poses, breathing techniques and stress relief techniques. I am managing my daily stress a lot better, I have become a lot more flexible and overall, I feel a lot healthier and in tune with my body. I have enjoyed every yoga class I have participated in so far. I really like the breathing exercises and learning new poses. Sarah Teddy, you are a fantastic instructor! I look forward to our remaining classes as well as the next session of Accuvant Yoga!

Nicole Vacketta
Purchasing Specialist

"...an excellent program."

I like it that you ask what we want to concentrate on at the beginning of every class, gives everyone a chance to work on their difficult places that session. I also like that this program is available and it is during the day at work, it’s an excellent program.

Jennifer DeLaney

"...a huge stress reliever."

I enjoy having the yoga break during my workday. It is a huge stress reliever and it does impact my productivity, I feel like I did something good for myself, I have more to give back to my job. I have noticed changes since starting yoga-- it makes me want to become more physically active especially with yoga, my shoulders do not tense up as much and I feel so much more relaxed. Also I find myself trying to call on some of the poses during my day, I sit up much straighter now.

Jacqueline Wilson
Project Coordinator

"...assisted in building concentration through the day."

My company has offered two weekly yoga classes with Sarah for almost two years. It’s been amazing to watch the class size grow from 8 people to well over 20+ people and is becoming increasingly popular with both women and men from all skill levels. The experience of clearing your mind and your workload for an hour during the workday is invigorating. Sarah has created a grassroots wellness culture in my office that reaches well past the hour long class. Our participants have grown closer to each other to discuss the practice, commiserate with taking it to our “edge” and ingrained it in to our lifestyles. It has been a great stress reliever for all of us and even assisted in building concentration through the day. As an instructor, Sarah talks through the pose, recognizes limitations and gently pushes you a bit further. She is by far one of the best trained instructors I have experienced!

Marisa DeCocco SR.
Human Resources Business Partner, Accuvant

"...enlightening and enjoyable for our employees..."

Sarah’s classes have been both enlightening and enjoyable for our employees with a great balance of movement and mediation. Sarah teaches with an open heart and soul that allows everyone in the room to really open up and relax. She is able to teach to all levels of experience and knowledge and is very flexible in adapting her classes.

Jamie Mosback
HR coordinator