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Yoga On The Move!

Workplace Evolved is yoga on the move… we have mats, and we will travel!  So this got me thinking about the many ways that I take yoga with me as I go through life. Little moments, and little ways that my practice comes along and supports me throughout my days.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Sidewalk Stretching

Man, there is very little I love more than stretching in public.  Pretty much anytime I am waiting (to cross a street, in line for coffee, meeting a friend…), I’m stretching.  Getting in those hips and hammies.  I will literally rock a forward bend, or a figure four if I have enough time.  If I’m being really honest, it doesn’t even stop with stretching.  I secretly engage in some core work too.  I will balance on one foot, engage my low abs and pulse my knee up ever so slightly.  So hopefully no one notices.  But they probably do!  And actually, I hope it gives people a little more permission to be IN their bodies.  Because consistent stretching keeps me open to the flow of life.


It feels great to let out a long loud SIGH.  Seriously, try it right now!  Inhale through the nose, exhale “ahhhhhhh.”  I do this a lot.  I learned how awesome it feels outside of yoga to let out a big sigh when I was training for a marathon.  It shifted the way I was receiving breath, and let me reset mentally too.  So, why wouldn’t I want to do it all the time?  I sigh while I’m working, I sigh when I’m walking, I sigh in the shower and especially the bath, I sigh right before bed.  I could go on.  It feels great.  Try it!  Start with a sigh every few hours (set an outlook reminder if you need to), and then I dare you to stop!

Low Stakes Living

So one of the greatest things about yoga is that it’s fairly low stakes.  As practitioners we try all sorts of things– from Warrior II, to Headstand, to figuring out how to actually stack our joints while standing.  And if we’re off, or don’t have a perfect 90 degree angle in our front leg (confession: I don’t), it’s okay.  In yoga I fall plenty, have a good giggle, and then get back up and try again. The concept of practice takes over, and it’s okay that we aren’t there and perfect.  So here’s the newsflash: it’s true in life also.  Whoever you are being, and whatever you are doing, it’s okay.  We work towards goals– ways we want to improve ourselves or our actions– and just like headstand or Warrior II, it’s the journey that matters.  When this piece of yoga comes with me out into my world, it’s amazing what I’ll try.  And, it’s amazing what I achieve.  What could you achieve if you were willing to fail?

So how do you take your yoga with you out into your life?

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