Guided Meditations For Your Workday

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Exciting new offering from Nomad Yoga!

Nomad Yoga’s Guided Meditations For Your Workday CD is designed to be used sequentially through the work day, or you can pick and choose what you need in a particular day. Each weekday meditation is under 10 minutes, and closer to 5 minutes for those designed to be used at work (come on, we know you spend at least 5 minutes on Facebook or spacing out during your day! Why not try this instead?).

Product Description

This audio program starts with a morning meditation to set the tone for your day. It moves into a meditation lunchbox, a non-coffee break and the non-rush hour to transition you out of your work day and into your evening. There is also a before bed meditation that is designed to help you enter truly restful and restorative sleep. An extended meditation set for weekends is also included and has more silence for you to practice meditating without as many reminders. And finally there are two bonus tracks, strongly recommended for beginners but helpful to all– tips on meditating and sitting for meditation.

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