Coaching Takes Your Leadership to the Next Level

Workplace Evolved offers one-on-one coaching for executives, managers and employees looking to develop their personal leadership style, improve their interactions and take things to the next level of success.

Leadership is not exclusively a job title. Each of us can be a leader at work and at home, and each of us will do it in a way that is authentically ours.

WE offers neuroscience-based information, skills and tools to enhance your leadership strengths and personal style, and a co-active dialogue to challenge you into the greatest leader you can be.

In working one-on-one with a WE Executive Coach, you can expect:

  • Increased ability to leverage how your brain operates
  • Deliberate and conscious visioning, goal-setting, and decision-making
  • Clarity that improves your business strategy and action-steps
  • Improved skills in the areas of communication, conflict management, delegation, managing and mentoring others, time and energy management, stress management, and creativity
  • Clarity of values and a path to living and leading in alignment with what matters to you
  • Visibility of your blind spots that effect your leadership
  • Improved ability to build your team and work culture
  • Access to webinars on topics relevant to your work and goals
  • Accountability for making the changes you want to make
  • An objective and confidential space to bring sensitive and stressful topics

How WE’s Executive Coaching works:

Customized Coaching:

You bring the topics, you set the goals, you access the learning that will best serve you. This is our highly specialized coaching program, designed for you to get everything you need from the coaching.

  • Initial Intake Form
  • 75 minute initial session to lay the foundation for the work
  • Choose one:
      Option A: 45-minute coaching sessions twice a month (longer calls, more space between calls—great for deeper exploration and more execution time)
      Option B: 30-minute coaching sessions four times a month (more time coaching and more frequent calls—great for high paced accountability)
  • Homework and Webinars are assigned as needed between sessions, and determined by what shows up in the work
  • 6-month initial commitment with ability to continue month-to-month after the initial 6-months


Topic-Specific Coaching Programs:

In our topic-specific programs, WE sets the topics and learning points, you bring your goals and experiences, and together we find your path through the content.


3 Months to More Mindful Leadership

(launching April 15th, 2016 & more topic-specific programs coming soon)

This program is designed for those interested in mindfulness as a means to success.

  • Month 1: Understanding Your Brain
    • Webinar: Brain Basics for Peak Performance with Melissa Bennett, Neuor-leadership Specialist
      • Understanding how the brain works is the first step to increasing awareness, acceptance and achievement
    • 45-minute coaching session
      • Homework co-designed in session
    • Webinar: Brain Basics for Peak Performance II with Melissa Bennett, Neuor-leadership specialist
      • Builds off of previous webinar and includes handout and worksheet to leverage information
    • 45-minute coaching session
      • Homework co-designed in session
  • Month 2: Mind Management
    • Webinar: Mindfulness & Meditation with Dia Draper, Mindfulness Expert
    • 45-minute coaching session
      • Homework: Tracking Awareness Sheet
      • Homework: Morning Mindfulness Practices (built for you)
    • 45-minute meditation consultation session
      • Homework co-designed in session
  • Month 3: Mindful Interactions
    • Webinar: Mindful Communication When the Stakes are High with Dia Draper, Mindfulness & Communication Expert
      • Understanding what happens to ourselves and others when the stakes are high, and how to draw on mindfulness and communication skills to direct conversations back to open, creative and constructive conversations
    • 45-minute coaching session
      • Homework co-designed in session
    • Webinar: Mindful Communication BEFORE the Stakes are High with Dia Draper, Mindfulness & Communication Expert
      • Understanding how to take advantage of pre-conflict time to minimize the occurrence and impact of conflict and design working relationships deliberately
    • 45-minute coaching session
      • Establish plan for moving forward more mindfull
  • Optional Post-Program Check-in (1-3 months after the program)
    • 45-minute coaching session at highly discounted rate when purchased before completion of the 3 month program