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This team walks the walk, and helps you do the same!

Dia DraperDia Draper, Founder & CEO


From late nights working in civil litigation to early mornings practicing and teaching yoga, Dia has brought the same dedication, curiosity and tenacity to all her pursuits. An experienced trial lawyer at a top global law firm, Dia left the industry to pursue another dream, and now helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals of finding their most fulfilling and balanced lives.

Dia was born a go-getter, with a unique ability to bask in the present moment. As a child, she would ask for extra homework from her teachers, but still twirl her way up the driveway after school, stopping to watch (and chat with) the birds in the trees.

After attending Phillips Academy Andover for high school and Yale University, Dia earned a law degree at Loyola Law School and spent the following four years at O’Melveny and Myers in Los Angeles. A desire to be closer to family brought her to another law firm in Denver, and Dia is currently licensed to practice in both California and Colorado.

As a Yale University graduate and seasoned trial lawyer at a top global law firm, Dia experienced first-hand the pressures and high-stress of corporate America. Dia left the practice of law to pursue another dream, to shift work cultures and improve lives. Dia believes work is most fulfilling when employees are engaged, valued and trusted to work towards a common goal. As the owner and CEO of Workplace Evolved, Dia is an experienced certified executive coach and she runs powerful programs for employee wellbeing and engagement in large organizations.

Her teaching is based deeply in body awareness, and incorporates neuroscience, authenticity, direct communication, values and visioning. She brings a dynamic blend of no-nonsense business sensibility and mindful compassion to her workshops, demonstrating that a balanced approach creates a workplace that is both positive and productive.

Dia’s Particulars:

  •     Yale University, B.A. English (2001)
  •     Loyola Law School, J.D. (2006)
  •     Co-Active Coaching Course Completion Certificate (2011)
  •     Yoga Alliance 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher (2012)
  •     Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) (2013)

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Untitled-4Melissa Bennett

Melissa believes shifting from hierarchy to harmony is the key to organizational success. Her passion to create a work environment where people look forward to Monday mornings fuels her to the cutting-edge of neuroscience-based leadership. For Melissa, being a leader is not about job title or status, but rather how one shows up in the world. Her understanding of the brain informs all aspects of her programs and creates the most direct path to transformation. Melissa designs and facilitates innovative programs that integrate the latest in neuroscience research, emotional intelligence, resiliency, and mindfulness, with results extending far beyond the workplace. Melissa is a certified and accredited professional coach and holds bachelor degrees in psychology and sociology, an associate arts degree in photography and will be awarded her executive master’s degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership in 2014. Through her company Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting, Melissa works with organizations around the world in the areas of leadership, team development, employee engagement and resiliency.

Heather Rees, Director Los Angeles


Heather Rees spent over a decade designing and running innovative programs that organize communities and address socio-economic issues in New York City, Guatemala, Afghanistan and Rwanda.

With the driving desire to do good in the world, she helped found a women’s health organization on the UNC campus in 2002. In 2005, she created and implemented community-rebuilding projects in post-disaster Guatemala. In 2008, she founded the NYC Venture Philanthropy Fund and, in 2011, she left it to help run Roadmonkey Adventure Philanthropy. In between, she upheld consultancies to organizations including the Fair Trade Foundation, Artisans United for the Development of Atitlan (Guatemala), and Business Council for Peace.

Despite the successes, one nagging thought changed the course of her life. She noticed that while working hard to fix world problems was a fulfilling and worthy cause, it wasn’t helping people change the source of their discomfort: themselves. Thus began her journey teaching yoga, meditation and coaching others to align their values and inner-purpose with their careers.

Heather’s Philosophy:

As a teacher, Heather’s goal is to meet students where they are, giving them the space, guidance and encouragement to move and experience each moment in new ways. In her classes, Heather brings together the complimentary techniques of physical poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness practice to tap into channels of ease, wellness and the potential for transformation housed within each of us.

Heather’s Particulars:

  •     UNC-Chapel Hill, BA, Public Policy/Political Science (2004)
  •     London School of Economics, MSc, Gender and International Development (2005
  •     200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (2009)
  •     150 Hr Advanced Yoga and Meditation Training for at-risk populations including chronic pain, illness, and PTSD (2010)
  •     Corporate Yoga Training (2010)
  •     Certified Coach (2012)

Sarah_001Sarah McCall


Getting two masters degrees at once is no easy task. Not surprisingly, once embarked on this ambitious life-goal, Sarah‘s high stress levels manifested into chronic pain in her shoulders, neck and jaw. Sarah turned to yoga. Turns out, it was a good call!

Yoga changed the way Sarah interacted with her work and with her self. Her scientific mind expanded to include more compassion and grace, and her unyielding drive learned how critical balance is to success. She’s now able to move gracefully through extremely stressful situations and she is pain free.

Needless to say, Sarah’s personal journey with yoga resulted in a passionate desire to share yoga with others, particularly those with high stress and chronic and stress-related pain. She now works as a yoga teacher, and helps Workplace Evolved provide yoga and mindfulness to more and more organizations in Denver, CO.

Sarah teaches vinyasa (flow) and restorative (stress-relief) classes, as well as classes that blend vinyasa and restorative styles. Sarah is a gift to anyone new to yoga as she believes in making yoga accessible to every body and has the anatomy, alignment and physiological knowledge to support that belief. As she teaches a wide range of experience and fitness (and stress!) levels, she offers plenty of ways to step it up or tone it down during class, depending on what is needed. Her teaching style is warm, inviting, encouraging, supportive, and above all, fun!

Sarah’s Particulars

  • Indiana University, M.P.A. 2005
  • Indiana University, M.S.E.S. 2005
  • University of Wisconsin, B.S. 2000
  • Yoga Alliance 200-hr Registered 2014