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Technically Fed Up? 4 Tips For A Life of Technology

Between tweets, facebook posts, instagram photos and a never-ending inbox full of emails, how do we stay focused, centered and productive? Having access to endless information and constant communication has its advantages. But it also distracts us and can help us avoid actual connection.

So how do we handle a life of technological necessities? Workplace Evolved has a few tips for you:

Start Uni-tasking: Although we feel like we are ‘feeding two birds with one scone’ when we multitask, it has been shown to lower your IQ and increase mistakes! Although multitasking may seem impossible to stop, commit to a few tasks a day on which you exclusively focus. Have one program open at a time—if you are emailing, be on email, if you are writing, be on Word, if you are in a meeting, be in the meeting. Working off a to-do list can help you manage everything that needs to be done.  When you realize something else that you need to do, write it down and get back to what you are doing.

Do Creative Tasks First: Our brains focus best early in the morning and late at night. Start to notice what time of the day you feel most productive and are least distracted by technology.  Schedule your most creative or challenging tasks for those times. Mindless tasks can drain your brain and energy, so set them for after your creative thinking. If morning is your best time, get up early so you have time to focus before the emails and phone calls start.

Unplug:  Flip your cell phone over, turn off social media, and click off the TV.  Make it difficult to be distracted. Our brains are attuned to distractions and these distractions redirect our attention, breaking our focus. Set yourself up for success by turning them off.  If you are concerned about emergencies, there is a setting on most phones called “do not disturb” where you will not receive texts or calls during scheduled hours, except from those you program in as exceptions.

Check in with yourself: Schedule times through your day to tune into your body and mind. Carve out a few breaths every couple hours and check in. Notice if you are rushing, day dreaming, or stressing over a situation. Giving yourself a moment to notice can reset your system to work more positively and more productively. 

What are the ways you handle a tech-filled life?  Please share!

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