How Dreamers Stay Present: 5 Tips to Move Forward & Be Here Now

Do you ever get so distracted by what you don’t have yet that you forget about what you do have?  As humans, there will always be the next thing.  We constantly want to move towards something, and often make our happiness dependent on that something.  We have dreams, hopes and expectations.  And yet, all we ever have is NOW.  Presence doesn’t mean ignoring the future.  And having dreams doesn’t mean ignoring the present.  Here are some tips to stay engaged and excited about moving towards your dreams while still experiencing appreciation for the present moment:

  1. Make Peace With Where You Are NOW.  Sometimes goals can be another way of saying “If I get X, then I will feel Y”  For instance, if I become successful, then I’ll finally be happy.  Find the peace now.  Once you’re goal doesn’t carry the weight of who you could be, it gets to be an adventure!  And adventures are fun!  With twists and turns and unexpected moments that add to the experience rather than take away from it.
  2. Be Flexible With the Direction.  We always want a direct route to exactly what we want.  But break down the essence of what it is you want– want a relationship?  The essence is love.  Allow the direction to flow easily towards the essence, allow surprises to delight you, and allow yourself to zig and zag without feeling lost or off-path.  Turns out, you’re always on the path.
  3. Celebrate Small Successes.  We usually remember to celebrate the big deals.  But what about the “small” deals?  Share successes with friends!  Toast with champagne!   Smile big!  Live in each moment.  Enjoy each step on the path the same way you will enjoy reaching the big goal.
  4. Keep Reminders and Notes of Encouragement Around.  Post-it notes full of love and support.  Outlook reminders to check in with smaller goals.  Inspirational quotations on your bathroom mirror or computer screen.  Keep images of your goal next to your bed, so the first thing you seek when you wake-up and fall asleep is your dream.  Visioning and believing that you will achieve your goal has a powerful impact on success.  Let your dream be an active part of your life now.
  5. Once a Week Sit & Imagine.  This is actually great to do every day, before you start your day.  But at least once a week, sit and imagine what it feels like to be there.  Really feel it.  Live in it, for at least 5 minutes at a time.  Practice being there.  This keeps the dream alive as you move towards it, and keeps you present in this moment with contentment.

Remember that happiness is not a product of anything.  It is inside of you regardless of how chaotic the external circumstances of life seem.  Stay focused on your dreams, but don’t get lost in them.  Dreams don’t come true someday, they can only come true now.  So pay attention!


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