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This Is My Yoga

I tend towards a Type-A personality.  This can often mean I get overwhelmed doing everything myself and micro-managing even my to-do list.  I can act like I’m an island, and a rock.  Sometimes I even make it look easy…

It’s not. 

I have always wanted help with this business.  But wanting help and being able to ask for it are very different things.  At least it can be, if you’re me.

But something happened just a few months ago.  An amazing person (if I were using names, I’d call her Sarah Teddy) called me out of the blue, introduced herself, and then became the support I didn’t even know how to ask for.

And here’s what I’ve learned: I think better in collaboration and I feel better in community.  

We’ve had a LOT to do over the last month, and Sarah (I mean this person) has quickly become indispensable to Workplace Evolved and to me.  Working with her has been inspiring, efficient, and fun.  We get to brainstorm together, motivate each other, and perhaps most importantly, pick each other up when we fall.

And I felt like falling several times over the last two weeks.  But then I would hear things like “I’ll do that” or “let’s split this up” or “what can I do?”  And it felt amazing.  Everything didn’t rest on my shoulders alone.  I could lean into my community and feel supported (and lifted!).  I’m incredibly grateful to Sarah for everything she has done for our joint mission of spreading yoga to workplaces.  But I’m also incredibly grateful to Sarah for helping me find comfort in discomfort, trust in the unknown, and the strength of surrender.

This is my yoga.  Softening my edges.  Accepting help.  Asking for help.

What’s your yoga?  What is your thing that you know is good for you, but have trouble allowing?  Are you able to accept help? To lean into your community?

We welcome your thoughts!


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Five Steps to Contentment

Contentment is defined as “the state of satisfaction; ease
of mind.”

Sounds great, right? 
So, how do we incorporate this into our own daily life? Just like
everything, it is practice that allows this skill to take root and grow.

Society paints pictures of how to find contentment, joy and
happiness in life. Do any of these sound familiar: be popular through high
school, go to a good college, get a great job, be financially successful, find
a spouse you fall deeply in love with ‘forever’, have 2.5 kids, and live in a
house with a white picket fence around it. Well, life does not always work out
as planned, does it? Our path has ups, downs, twists and turns regardless of what
we had planned.

Most wait for the perfect situation to foster the feeling of
contentment, attaching contentment to external situations.  Now, this is not to say we should not
have large dreams, big goals and fabulous ambitions in our life. Rather, we can
separate our capacity of contentment from external circumstances. Circumstances
are often out of our control. What if we learned to find contentment in every
moment? Viewing contentment as a choice, we are suddenly back in control. 

This is where the theory of yoga holds us to a higher
standard. We learn to let go of the idea that contentment will come once an
external circumstance is reached, and begin to see the contentment that already
exists inside of us. Yoga gives us the opportunity to choose contentment
despite what comes up.

Okay, okay, this is all much easier said than done! So here
are some steps along the path to contentment.

Be Present: Making
the decision to find contentment in your life has to happen NOW. It will never
happen if you think it is something for the future. When we live in the present
moment this allows us to be more aware of what really is— we can notice when judgments,
fears, and worries come up. When we are blinded by the fear of ‘what might
happen’ we make decisions from an unhealthy place. When we are mindfully in the
moment we allow ourselves to make choices from a healthy awareness. Living in
the present allows us to see more clearly, get less entangled with how life
“should” be, and leave the worry behind. 

Make Peace With What
By living in the present moment we will be able to notice what outcomes
we have control over and what ones we don’t. “Grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom
to know the difference”. -Reinhold Niebuhr

Have Faith: This
faith could be religious, spiritual or just simply the belief that you are on
the right path. Trust in yourself,
God, Jesus, Buddha, The Universe or your Mom, that it’s all adding up how it
should.  When hard times are in
front of you, have the faith that you will come out stronger on the other side.
We learn the most important lessons in life from our struggles. Allow yourself
to see how your experiences, good and bad, add up to bring you to the right

Know it’s Your Choice:
Hold yourself to this higher standard. Know that contentment, peace and
happiness are within you, even in the most trying of situations. It’s just a
matter of dusting it off. Find the tools that help foster your inner peace,
whether it is yoga, meditation, or running. Invest in
your self-care and nourish that peaceful, still spot within. With steady
practice that place will be more assessable in every moment.

Smile: Laughter
and positivity can be your best medicine. Not only does it feel good to smile
and laugh but it sends automatic responses to your brain passing along the
message of happiness. Don’t take life too seriously! Have fun and live life to
the fullest. Remember you always have yourself to laugh at and with!  

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