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Retain Top Employees with Brain-Friendly & Mindful Workplaces

We know you’re busy. We know there’s a lot to do each day. We know you need to prioritize and make choices.

But what are the right choices for your company? For your employees?

A successful & sustainable business requires profits. And yet, focusing on profits before people is counter-productive. Employees feel under-valued, under-developed and disengaged. Whether these employees muster through by phoning it in, or look elsewhere for opportunities that inspire them and help them feel valued, your bottom-line suffers. You know all too well the high cost of replacing employees. How about the high cost of disengaged & unsatisfied employees? And the high cost of high stress & poor health?

WE can help. WE’s programs are designed to shift organizations towards brain-friendly & mindful workplaces and empowers each employee to be at their best. WE creates cultures where employees feel valued, engaged and inspired by the opportunities & challenges ahead. While there is no one-size-fits-all company culture, WE works with you and your organization’s values to leverage your strengths and provide training and development programs that fit your needs.

How does WE do this?

Yoga & Mindfulness at Work: Also for all employees, yoga and mindfulness classes support individual efforts of self-awareness and self-improvement, while also providing an accessible way to incorporate health into your work culture. Yoga & mindfulness is proven to lower stress levels, increase immune system functioning, and improve emotional resilience.

All-Employee Lunch & Learns: As new concepts and values are established, all-employee Lunch & Learns are a great way to share a new way of approaching work. Included in the small group programs as a way to bring everyone together and on the same page, these programs also stand alone to bring information, skills and new approaches to the masses.

Small to Medium Group Management Training Programs: As people progress from skills-based work to managerial roles, training is required. These programs work with new and experienced managers to develop the skill of developing others. Includes coaching and all-employee Lunch & Learns

Executive Coaching: Leaders and managers work one-on-one with coaches to integrate new information, cultivate increased self-awareness, and to be challenged into their full potential.

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